New Toyota Gen3 solutions

Flex updates to

The compatibility list of Flex is enhanced by the drop of many Toyota’s latest generation vehicle. 

The new firmware made possible the programming of their engine control units in OBD and bench modes. The new solution supports virtual reading or real read, model by model this eventuality is recognize through Flex digital match.

Many powertrain configuration are supported, such as: 2.5 VVT-iE Hybrid, 2.0L VVT.iE, 2.4L D4-D, 2.8L D4-D and the newest 1.6 Turbo fitted on Yaris GR. The new functionality allow to work by OBD and Bench modes on DENSO equipped with R7F701202 ed R7F701216 microprocessor.

In addiction, if the real read is possible, the user could get full access to flash, which ensures maximum safety during processing.

In the particular case of Toyota Yaris GR the protocol supports real reading and writing of both MCU0 and MCU1 microprocessors.

Here are some of the supported vehicles:

  • Toyota Yaris GR 1.6
  • Toyota Venza (UX80)
  • Toyota Corolla (E210)
  • Toyota CH-R (AX10 – AX50)
  • Toyota Avalon (XX50)
  • Toyota RAV4 (XA50)
  • Toyota Hilux/Vigo (8th) (AN120 – AN130)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser (J150)
  • Toyota Kluger (XU70)
  • Toyota Crown (S220)
  • Toyota Highlander (XU70)

The new OBD and Bench protocols are available for the following software packages:

  • FLS0.1 – SW Flex ECU (car, van, bike) OBD + Bench
  • FLS0.5 – Flex Full SW Package

Real reading times: ~ 30 minutes | Write time: ~ 9 minutes

New protocols:


  • Toyota Denso R7F701202 – R7F701216: Internal Flash Read – Virtual Read / Write / Checksum Maps


  • Toyota Denso R7F701202 – R7F701216: Internal Flash Read – Virtual Read / Write / Checksum Maps

Bug fixes

  • Fixed OBD stability of FCA EDC15C7 protocol
  • Fixed OBD stability of Honda EDC16C7 protocol
  • Fixed CRC for some versions of BOSCH EDC17C84

See the complete supported vehicles list

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