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Your MAGIC CHARGER is a professional multifunctional charger with Inverter technology. Designed to support the batteries of
demonstration vehicles or during the diagnostic work, it also guarantees an ideal quality of charge for the maintenance of the most
advanced models. This charger can be fitted with cables up to 8 m long. Changing the charging cables requires recalibration. It is considered a fixed device not a mobile product.
Your MAGIC CHARGER is supplied with a software that includes 4 different modes to choose from:
• Charging mode: dedicated to the charging of lead-acid (sealed, liquid, AGM…) or lithium (LiFePO4) starter batteries.
• Power mode | Diag+ : Supplies the energy required during diagnostic work on the vehicle.
• Power mode | Showroom : Maintains the charge of the battery and supplies the energy required when using the consumers
of a demonstration vehicle.
• Tester Mode: Used to check the state of the battery and test the vehicle starting system and alternator.

The original features of your MAGIC CHARGER can be extended by adding specific charging modes and profiles using the USB port
and custom settings.
Your MAGIC CHARGER also offers the possibility to recover data from several hundred charging operations on your USB stick for
analysis on a spreadsheet.
Additional modules (such as printer, Ethernet port, etc.) can also be connected to the charger via its dedicated module socket.

Auto-Detect» function:
The MAGIC CHARGER is equipped with the «Auto-Detect» function which automatically starts a
charge when a battery is connected to the charger.

Auto-Restart» function:
The «Auto-Restart» function offers the possibility of automatically restarting the charger in the event of a power failure.

«Lock» function: It is possible to lock the buttons on your MAGIC CHARGER when it is used in a place open to the public or unattended.

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