Flexible ToolCase


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The new Flexible ToolCase has been enlarged to carry all your most important mechatronic tools and accessories. It features four detachable inserts, each equipped with four internal pockets.

Designed to Work Better
It’s sturdy on the outside, and thanks to the four polyurethane inserts, it’s flexible on the inside. The Flexible ToolCase has been redesigned to offer you maximum convenience and maximum flexibility.

Customizable with Patches
Put what you need inside the pockets and then apply the supplied patches to find what you need right away. Flexible ToolCase breaks down into four parts that can be transported individually according to your needs.

Main characteristics:
External case made of imitation carbon fiber
Four detachable inserts with four pockets each
Exclusive carbon look
Four safety locks
Velcro patches supplied
Size and weight:

Flexible ToolCase
4 inserts
9 custom patche

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