Kit Universal MAGBench V3


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This professional tool allows connection with any ECU thanks to its slotted top panel and pogo pin probes.

FLEXible Bench

With the MAGICMOTORSPORT UNIVERSAL MAGBench it is possible to perform precise interventions on control units thanks to its wide hinged panel with 56 slots that allow connections to larger truck and heavy duty vehicle control units. Extra features include an under lit panel and eight color coded pogo pin probes. The Universal MAGBench V3 is an essential tool for your workshop.

FLEXible Bench

Personalize your FLEXible MAGBench

Universal MAGBench V3 can be customized with an assortment of accessories that facilitate your work and let you work efficiently on all types of control units. It is possible to purchase all its related accessories, adapters and additional pogo pin probes directly on our online shop.

Personalize your FLEXible MAGBench

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