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MagicCHARGER 100 has arrived! The new professional multifunctional power supply with Inverter technology. This new product is the result of the collaboration between MAGICMOTORSPORT and GYS, a leading industrial group in the design and production of workshop equipment and an essential MMS collaborator that allows us to offer our customers increasingly innovative and safe solutions.

MagicCHARGER 100 CNT, the professional multifunction power supply with Inverter technology, has been designed to support the charge of vehicle batteries during diagnostics and/or programming. The power supply guarantees a charge quality suitable for the maintenance of even the most advanced battery models.

In a few hours you can recharge lead-acid (sealed, liquid, AGM, etc. …) or lithium (LiFePO4) batteries

The software includes different modes to choose from:

  • – Diag+: Supplies the energy required during diagnostic work on the vehicle;
  • – Showroom: Maintains the charge of the battery and supplies the energy required when using the consumers of a demonstration vehicle;
  • – Test: allows you to check the state of the battery and test the vehicle starting system and alternator.

These are just some of the innovative functions offered by MagicCHARGER produced by GYS according to MAGICMOTORSPORT standards. 

The MagicCHARGER 100 is also equipped with an USB port that extends its functionality as it allows the creation of customized settings that can then be downloaded to the device via a simple USB key. Custom configurations allow you to add, delete or change operating modes and load previously configured profiles so the charger best meets your needs. USB connectivity also gives you the ability to retrieve the history and data of over 100 USB flash drives and analyze them on a spreadsheet.

Furthermore, the CNT version differs from the HF version for its ability to connect to a series of external devices such as:

  • – Printers;
  • – laser readers for barcodes and QR code readers.

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